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Kaade at Texas State Library

Kaade can present these in both formal academic settings and as part of festival programming for varying ages, as well as presenting in character.

Cross-Cultural Examples of Otherworld Music

Faetrad Cross-Cultural Workshop

This program looks at some of the significant sub-genres of traditional music that come from Otherworld folklore from several continents, with examples from archival audio and video recordings- and give participants information on how to find more information on traditional faerie music.

Musical Instruments in Faerie-Lore

Faetrad: Musical Instruments in Faerie-Lore

In this presentation, we explore Otherworld folklore concerning musical instruments- those that arise from faerie origins, those that have special effects on faeries and Other beings, and the instruments that fae around the world prefer to hear and play.

Faetrad Tune-Learning Workshop

Fae-Trad Tune-Learning

This is a chance, especially for beginners, to learn Faetrad tunes from various places. This can be on ocarinas or whistles, with materials provided and instruments available for purchase, or for Irish session instruments.

Musical Instrument Petting Zoo

Musical Instrument Petting Zoo

A chance to learn the myths and history of some of the instruments Kaade uses in his show, and for participants to play some themselves.