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Kaade, Solo Performances

Kaade with Irish Flute

Around the Otherworld: Music from Faerie-Lore Near and Far

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Kaade introduces you to the music of Otherworld creatures of several different areas of the globe. Different versions focus on different cultural groups, and creature types.

Things Going Bump: Music of the Night Court

Things Going Bump: Music of the Night Court

Music and stories of the creatures that come out in the dark: Trolls, Trows, Pookas, Banshees, Huldres, and the Faerie helpers who work until dawn. Kaade offers a version of this show at under 30 minutes, a serial version consisting of several tunes & tales from each being in the course of an event, interspersed with others' performance & percussive accompaniment, and "Wedding Bells for Trolls," a short program of marital music from these night-dwellers.

Second Hearing: Turlough O'Carolan and Other Blind Bards of Mystic Tradition

Second Hearing: Turough O'Carolan and Other Blind Bards

Music made and played by blind bards of Ireland, including harpers Rory "Dall" O'Cathain, and Turlough O'Carolan, and piper Michael O'Sullivan, and the stories of mysticism that surround them and their music. Performed on Irish flute and whistle, or as an ensemble production in which Kaade uses these stories to introduce and showcase several musicians playing the works of Carolan and Cathain.

Winds of the World

Winds of the World

Kaade takes you on a trip around the world, in circles or spirals, through the flutes and woodwinds of different cultures. With smaller groups, this can also be a good performance to combine with Kaade's Musical Instrument "Petting Zoo" with Tibetan singing bowls and tingshaws and W. African mbiras