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Ensemble Productions

Image from "Stone Stories", Sherwood Forest Faire 2010

Kaade has worked with various groups, including co-ops, belly-dance troupes, and faerie performers to create themed performances and events that showcase the various talents of performers and their personas.

Where Faeries Dance

Where Faeries Dance

A chance to participate with traditional dance music from Faerie-lore: jigs, reels, hornpipes, slipjigs and waltzes, and to hear stories of the Sidhe kings and queens related in music. Dancers in character demonstrate different stepdancing, ceilidh, highland, or sean nos style dances, and teach the audience one as well. Session musicians can join in many commonly known tunes. A possible variation including Faerie (Rusalka and Vila) dances from Eastern Europe could also be produced with folk-dancers.

Inn of the Dancing Cranes:
A Silk Road Migration

Inn of the Dancing Cranes

Based on a folktale from China, this tale of wonder, compassion, and finding one's way, all takes place within an inn along the Silk Road. A literal feast for the senses, the audience and performers are all part of the Inn, and the next part of the tale might come from the person bringing your food, or from one of the numerous musicians, dancers and other performers seated at the same tables as the audience. Combining music and tales from East and South Asia, the Middle East, and Europe of the Middle Ages, this production is a great chance to showcase a group of performers and their individual talents, and even stories and talents that audience members wish to share. Inn of the Dancing Cranes requires a few months to produce, and must be in a location with a commercial grade kitchen.

The Wave that Brings Us Home:
The Selkie, the Sailor and the Spirit of the Ship

The Wave that Brings us Home: The Selkie, the Sailor, and the Spirit of the Ship

In this production for three or more performers, we follow three spirits, two from the land as they voyage by sea, one from the sea as she travels the shores, and the people they meet as they search for answers in the stories they find along the way. Told through sea music from The British Isles, Scandinavia, and the Baltic, including: