Welcome to my creative outlet on the web. The background image on these pages is from a fractal artwork I created called "Serendipity." I hope you find something here you might not know you needed. Before social-media algorithms, serendipity played a larger role online. Now the best place to find it is in person, especially at festivals where creators gather and time is bent. In the past, I traveled regularly through the state of Texas (It's bigger than France,) to perform my music and storytelling at these events, even to the Spoutwood Farm Fairie Festival in PA, and across the Atlantic to research the folklore and music I present. I had to eventually leave the circuit for health reasons, and no longer wake up to the sound of birdsong outside my tent. Now I perform and present my art on rare occasions in and near Albuquerque, NM. For the wider world, this site is how I continue to make unexpected connections, as well as a few social media sites, and share the many pieces of art and music I have made through the years, as well as new works.

For me, music, and the arts in general, give us a chance to experience more than our individual circumstances: to share in the experiences of people from centuries ago, or understand the celebrations of people in a place we have never been. At its best, music can lift us beyond the limitations of being human. This outlook brought me to the repertoire I call "FaeTrad", melodies and songs which cultures around the world have considered other than human. Neither this worldview nor choice of repertoire- and not even my basic personality- bode well for situations driven by self-promotion or self-definition. I would rather use the time and energy I may have to create more art, so if you are someone who is skilled at promoting people and ideas, please share this with others.

If you want to connect with me, email (My Name) @kaade.net.
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Kaade, a man with dark hair and green eyes behind antique glasses, drunking a cup of coffee in a diner.
If you recognize me out in the real world, chances are good I have stickers, download cards, and other creations with me, and would be up for trading for coffee, vegan treats, or your own artwork.