Kaade- subtitle

Apologies for any advertisements you may encounter, CDBaby discontinued their music player, so Youtube seems like the next best option.

Some of my CDs and digital downloads can be found here.

I tend to use tunings outside of modern "equal temperament", especially just intonations tunings (whole number ratios in relation to the root note), as these often work better for sounds with complex harmonics. Included among these are Kepler's (the astronomer) third tuning from Harmonia Mundi, five note scales from Japan and Korea, and my own invention, a scale based on a progression of perfect fourths.


On a bed with a blue spread, next to a light blue wall, Instruments are arranged: a small harp, a waterphone, a kantele, a bowed psaltery. ukulele, didgeridoo, bass and suprano recorders, bamboo and cedar flutes, and other smaller instruments

These are some of the ones I play: waterphone, bowed psaltery, Harpsicle harp, ukulele, kantele, didgeridoo, bull-roar, shower-curtain rod, sansa, kalimba, bass recorder, xiao, bansuri, Native American flute, shakuhachi, melodica, kalimba, ocarinas, jaw harps, Jia Hu style bamboo flute.

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tingshaw cymbals, Tibetan Rag-Dung horn: Lingtsang Metalworking Community, Dharamsala, India. Noah Bells: India.

I also use additive synthesis (Loom 2) and physical modelling synthesis (Chromaphone 2, Sculpture)