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Kaade's Instruments

The "Shillelagh" Flute

This is currently my primary performing flute, 6-hole flute in concert D tuning by Scott Boswell, made from a long, multi-node piece of Texas bamboo so that it naturally tapers, and capped with a piece of purpleheart wood.

This flute was once one of my primary instruments, a Tony Dixon 3-piece synthetic flute (still worked in the rain.) I had recently added a silver faerie bottle cork as an end cap before it was stolen in Austin, TX. If you find it, please return with the thief's fingers attached, and I will perform a free show for you.


15-string Kantele by Gerry Henkel, Duluth, MN.

North Indian And Nepali Flutes

Bansuris in A, B, India. Sheesham-wood Basuri, Nepal. Bamboo Flutes in G, D, Patrick Olwell, Nellysford, WV. Bamboo flute in E-flat, Scott Boswell. Bansuri in low C, Nabi & Sons, New Delhi, India.


Dizis in C/F, D/G. China.

Whistles And Tabor Pipes

Tabor Pipe in G, maker unknown. Whistles in D and B-flat, Scott Boswell, Tabor Pipe in D, Generation, England. Whistle, Walton's, Ireland. Whistle, United States. Whistles in D and C, Tony Dixon, Devon, England. Whistle, Nepal.


Outer 2: Supranino and Alto, Baroque-style Recorders, Yamaha, Japan. Center: Renaissance-style Suprano Recorder, "Traumfl öte" design by Adriana Breukink, Mollenhauer, Germany.


Tree ocarina in B-flat and 6-hole Ocarinas in G, E-Flat, and C, by Fred Harris, Floyd, VA. 5-hole triple-spiral ocarina by Scott Boswell. 5-hole red clay ocarina by Cloud MacLeod, Texas. 12-hole Ocarina, Night Ocarinas, Japan.

End-Blown Flutes

Shakuhachi Hybrid, low B-Flat, Scott Boswell, Bastrop, TX. Kinko-ryu style Shakuhachi, Japan. Recreations of 5000 year old flute from Jia-Hu site in China, by (top to bottom) Erik the Flutemaker, Davie, FL, Scott Boswell, and Kaade.


Traversi (Side-Blown Flutes): Boehm Flute, Artley, Elkhart, IN. Japanese "Kabuki" scale flute, Arabic melodic flute, and Pentatonic "meditation" flutes by Erik the Flutemaker, Davie, FL. Minor Scale Flute, Cloud MacLeod, Texas.

North American Aerophones

Cedar Flute by Tommy Lee, Flagstaff, AZ. Apache 4-hole flute. Quena, Mexico. Bull-Roarer, Hopi.


Top: Semi-Toyo, Bolivia. Right: Wot, Thailand. Bottom: Rondador, Ecuador.


Left: Hugh Tracy Kalimbas, South Africa. Rear: Tanzania. Right: Indonesia.

Middle-Eastern Winds

Top: Nays, Egypt. Center: Kaval, Turkey. Bottom: Mijwiz x2. Egypt.

Singing Bowls, Noah Bells, Tingshaws, Tibetan Horns

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tingshaw cymbals, Tibetan Rag-Dung horn: Lingtsang Metalworking Community, Dharamsala, India. Noah Bells: India.

Jaw Harps

Top: Kubing, Philippines. Outer Left: Mukkuri, Ainu people of North Japan. Top Center: Jaw Harp, U.S.. Bottom 3: Trumpen, Austria. Right: wooden coffee stirrer, which can be played in the same manner as jaw harps.


Rhythm 'bones' by Morgan Reed. Rosewood Claves, Mexico. Bamboo shaker by Scott Boswell