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Fae Music and Examples of Lost Time

Place, Culture Nature of Music Participants Perceived Time Mortal Time Outcome
India and Himalayas Dances and music performed by the court of the nara king, Kubera. Various mortal travelers whom Kubera would invite to his court. unknown 1 year The visitor comes out of his trance after the "divine year" and realizes the passage of time. As he leaves, Kubera says dryly "Yes, this music is a very captivating thing," and lets him go on his way.
Mi'kmaq- New England and Eastern Canada Flute played by a migamawesu, an American fairy sometimes human-sized. Man who hears the flute. a night 1 year No ill effects reported.
Gambia Riti (one string african fiddle) Serif Camara, at age 15 entranced by the djinni to make music for them. unknown 1 year Serif's father finds him after a year, in a tree playing a golden fiddle. After chasing the djinni away, the fiddle crumbles. Serif continues to return to the forest, learning djinn music. They take his eyesight as payment. Serif's son Juldeh Camara is now an international performer.
Wales Harps, feels like music one has danced to many times before. Rhys, who hearing the music wanders from his friend Llewelyn to dance to it. 5 minutes 1 year Llewelyn, accused of murdering Rhys, returns to the site and pulls him out. Rhys cannot be convinced of the passage of time, takes to bed and pines away, wanting to dance again.
Llorfa, Wales Flute, dancing, singing Dafydd William Dafydd, playing flute while tending his cattle is surrounded by dancing and singing fairies, who give him cake hours 3 weeks Dafydd returns home to an irate wife, who has been leading search parties for him in the intervening time, and has assumed he must be dead.
Pwllheli, Wales Fairy Dancing Like the Rhys and Llewelyn story one of two friends who joins the dance minutes 1 year When his friend recovers him, he has danced till he is "reduced to a skeleton," unaware of the passage of time.
Carmarthenshire, Wales Dancing A farmer who went missing one morning.. unknown >12 months A man passing by sees him dancing and speaks to him, breaking the spell. The farmer exclaims "Where are my horses?" steps out of the circle and smoulders to dust.
Lairg, Sutherlandshire, Scotland Fairy piping and dancing A man on the way to his child's christening hears the sound and enters the fairy cave out of curiosity < a night 1 year A friend, accused of his murder, pulls him out. The man wants to continue dancing and is not convinced of the passage of time until he returns home to find his child a year older.
Strathspey, Scotland Fiddles Two fiddlers, invited to play for a banquet by invitation of an old man in what they think is a house. a night 100 years Upon leaving, they emerge from a hill and the town nearby has changed extensively (in some versions, there are now automobiles.) They go to a church to pray and crumble to dust when the service begins.
Isle of Skye, Scotland Fairy dance A herd-boy falls asleep at the side of a knoll and awakens to fairy feasting and dancing. < a day 3 weeks Returns home to his own wake, but is never again the same after having heard the fairy music
Shetland Islands Box fiddle Sigurð, the Fiddler o' Gord, invited to play by mysterious stranger on the way home from a wedding. a night generations He returns home to find his farmstead changed and with a new family. As he realizes what happened he goes outside, plays the tune "The Trowie Spring" on his fiddle which is learned by one of the children present, then falls and crumbles to dust.
Isle of Rügen, Baltic Sea (Germany) Troll dancing A girl who, passing by and hearing the music, is invited in by the trolls. hours years She returns to a now unfamiliar town to learn that her family has long since passed. She "lost her reason" and never recovers her sanity.