Kaade- subtitle

Images open links to larger versions in Deviant Art galleries. I offer these in much higher resolutions as photoprints and giclees, including high-quality vinyl-stickers, (600dpi+) or as sublimation prints on metal ceramic, and acrylic (300dpi+).

Fractal image:against a multicolored background, multiple sailing ships, rocketships, orbs and flying saucers float near each other. One is piloted by a white rat. Fractal image: gentle waves of light yellow and purple circle around an insect-like object floating against a black background. Fractal Image: On a white background curves like the movement of subatomic particles in green and purple form a pattern around a nucleus Fractal image of green, purple, and shades of brown and yellow. Bubbles within bubbles. Fractal Image: green and red vines curl around each other in a dark space to form a ventricled heart-like shape. Fractal Image: A combination of parallel and intersecting lines form the shapes of planets and other interstellar bodies passing each other. Fractal Image: Shapes like kites or sails, grouped together in all the colors of the spectrum, swirl around the cente. Fractal Image: Against a starry background, a spiral of green circles, evocative of tentacles and eyes, spiral toward the viewer. Fractal Image: Above a dark horizon, concentric green circles emanate from a figure in the distance. Overlapping that, a narrow set of concentric ellipses emanate above and below the horizon. Fractal Image: a butterfly-like figure of warm hues floats against the background of circling and morphing patterns. Fractal Image: a flower against a light background, the center is variegated, the outer petals stripes of green and blue, and the outer edges a wispy purple. Fractal Image: Against the darkness, a formation made of white, ghostly shapes that fit together like an Escheresque pattern form a pattern like looking into the center of a cyclone. Fractal Image: Against a black background, a repeating set of looped purple and white lines forms a pattern of a stylistic raven's head in side-profile. Fractal image: within a network of pink patterns like muscle or corpuscle, a green iris emerges from within a darker circle, behind that are the arteries and burn scar circles of a retinal scan, rendered in pink. Fractal Image: A spiral white and purple cloud formed from reiterative smaller cloud shapes rises from its deep purple base. Fractal Image: To the right, a yellow, sun-like spiral, to the lefta magenta and violet melds into a dark shape suggesting a horses head and wings. Stars peak out at the darker edges of the image. Fractal Image: Against a black starry background, Meso-American styled faces look at each other across a pathway of stylized footprints, they are a deep red in the foreground, but fade to white as they approach the horizon Fractal Image: Two moons appear next to each other, one is full, the other is shadowed to all but a crescent. Over them floats a flourescent cyan and purple mist. Fractal Image: Star clusters form around a black hole, resembling an iris and pupil. Fractal Image: Against a cloudy sepia-tone sky, smaller fishlike shapes form into what could be a large wave, or an eagle's head.

This collection of animations and moving fractals was used for a temporary installation at Bubonicon, a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. It appeared on the screen for the bridge of a spaceship, staffed by interstellar (polymer) rats.

WARNING: There is no flashing in this video, but there are tesselating motions that may be ill-advised for those with photosensitive epilepsy.